Stanford Math Tournament 2023 Asynchronous


DATE: April 12 until April 16
WHO: Any student anywhere.
TEAM SIZE: Up to 8
COST: $5 per participant

Note for International Students: We are no longer offering SMT International this year. International students may participate in SMT Online, or if the timing is bad for them, SMT Asynchronous.

Regsistration for SMT Async is open on ContestDojo!

Contest Information

There are no awards or official rankings for SMT Asynchronous, but you will receive a certificate of participation, as well as score reports the give you general statistics and let you know how you compare to all participants in SMT 2023 (in-person, online, asynchronous).

SMT Asynchronous may take placeanywhere or anytime during the testing window - you can make it an entire-day affair, or you can split the tests up across multiple days.

For the team rounds (team and guts) you can form teams of up to 8, during which you all can work together on the test, and your answers will sync in ContestDojo. One student starting the test will start it for the entire team!

Test Information

The Team Round is a 50-minute exam consisting of 15 short answer questions.

The Guts Round is an 80 minute team exam consisting of 9 series of 3 questions each, whereby teams must submit answers to a previous round in order to gain access to the next. Subsequent rounds are both harder and worth more points than previous rounds.

For the individual portion, students may choose to take two subject tests in a specific topic or take a single, longer General Test.

The Individual Round(s) are the rounds taken independent of your teams.