Stanford Math Tournament

The Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) is a high school math tournament run by students at Stanford University. We are passionate about providing a high quality and challenging event to students interested in mathematics globally.

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What is SMT?

Stanford Math Tournament is run entirely by Stanford students. We are one of the largest math competitions in the country with over 1200 participants globally in 2022. We are proudly supported by the Stanford Undergraduate Mathematics Organization (SUMO) and the Stanford Department of Mathematics.



The Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) is a contest organized by Stanford students, held on Stanford’s campus. In 2023, SMT will be held on April 8, 2023, and will be open via application to 250 high school contestants from within the United States.

SMT Online

In support of our mission to spread mathematics education and improve the accessibility of math tournaments, we are hosting a concurrent online tournament, identical to SMT. It will occur on April 9, 2023 and is open to all middle and high school students from anywhere in the world.

SMT Asynchronous

For students unable to participate in SMT in-person or Online, we are offering SMT Asynchronous - a week long period where you can experience the SMT tests on your own or in a team at your own leisure.